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If you are a parent and a little confused in which educational path to choose for your Kindergartner this coming school year, you are not alone! I think 90% of us are wondering which path to choose. My name is Jeanelle and I am a mom of 4 wonderful boys. With my youngest starting Kindergarten at Patterson Elementary this year, I was confused and concerned as well. So, I did some research and started planning, not only for my own child, but also deciding how I can help other families in the same predicament.

I own and operate two successful in-home childcares (one PlaySchool for toddlers and one PreSchool), both here in Hillsboro near Glencoe High School. These are state licensed, and I have been helping children along with my staff for more than 14 years. I am currently opening a new facility for Kindergarten students who will be enrolled in Hillsboro Online Academy (HOA). Our mission is to help Hillsboro Kindergarten students thrive during COVID-19 with online learning but more importantly social interaction and face-to-face, hands-on learning.

We want to help parents make a choice they are confident in so they can continue to work and get back to as normal of a routine as possible. We will follow the 2020-2021 HSD calendar throughout the school year. Our tuition cost is $1100/month and includes Monday – Friday care: 7:30am-2:20pm. We will serve am snack and pm snack, yet all students must bring lunch from home. All online sessions, schoolwork, communication, and homework will be managed and completed during care hours. This means more family time at home, just the way it should be! We will also offer after school hours, Monday – Friday 2:20pm-5:30pm. This is an additional cost of $550/month.

Below I’ve described two options for Hillsboro School District Families

If you choose the HOA path of learning for your child and you are looking for a place your child can study and be cared for during the day, CALL ME at (503) 608-8381. We only have 12 spots that we can fill, the first 12 families that turn in their registration packet will be booked for the school year.

Option 1 - Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)

Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) students remain connected to their neighborhood school. The CDL option is taught by who your child’s actual teacher would be if they were able to go back to their neighborhood school. That specific teacher gives the work, grades the work, and takes daily attendance. If students can go back into the classroom, they can easily pick up on their work because it is the same teacher and work, they had been doing online. This means students could possibly go back as early as the first quarter.

This model was created for times that it is not safe for in-person learning to occur due to safety risks to students and staff. This means an online start date of Monday, September 14th and a possible in classroom scenario starting as soon as Monday November 9th. Keep in mind students may not return to the classroom fully if at all.

Option 2 - Hillsboro Online Academy (HOA)

This model was created 8 years ago by HSD. Originally HOA was designed for students that had high anxiety about going into school and for those that just learn better online versus a classroom. It is different teachers and different work then your child’s neighborhood school would be because HOA utilizes Florida Virtual curriculum, but they follow the same grading standards as HSD. This means students can merge back into a classroom when they are ready. However, because it is different work, a student cannot jump back into the classroom at any time, but rather at the end of the semester.

If students can go back to a classroom this school year, enrolling in HOA, requires a half-to-full-year commitment, were as CDL students can go back at the quarter. This scenario is an online start date of Monday, September 14th and a possible in classroom scenario starting as soon as Tuesday February 2nd. Keep in mind students may not return to the classroom fully if at all.

If students go back to school this year, it will be a “hybrid” model of schooling that happens after Comprehensive Distance Learning. This would include 2 days per week of in-person instruction at your child’s school and 3 days at home with applied learning. If state guidelines allow, at the end of the semester you may still have the option to send your child into their neighborhood classroom and they may even attend every day in Kindergarten, although this has not been confirmed yet.

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